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  • Flowers and Petals needed for 2016

    Flowers and Petals needed for 2016

    Mayfield Well Dressing Needs Your Help Now for 2016 We associate Mayfield Well Dressing is associated with the month of June; however, in the background there are preparations going on over the twelve months running up to the event in June. To complete our stunning designs Well dressing requires a large quantity of petals, foliage, dry goods,…

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  • Future events

    Future events

  • Well Dressing 2015

    MAYFIELD TRAIN LINE Designed by Philip Barritt THE START OF WORLD WAR l Designed and petalled by the children of The Henry Prince First School     THE 450TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTH OF SHAKESPEARE Designed by Mrs Fran Carlisle Well Dressing Read about the origins of our well dressing Dates for your 2015 diary Saturday…


  • Aircrash Memorial

    Aircrash Memorial

    The Second World War visited Mayfield on 13th June 1944 when six airmen lost their lives here. They were the British and Canadian crew of a Vickers Wellington bomber that crashed during a thunderstorm and exploded on impact. Sixty-seven years later, Mayfield Heritage Group commissioned a memorial stone which was erected in the churchyard, close…

  • Mayfield Guided Walks

    Mayfield Guided Walks

    Thanks to our recently launched ‘Discovering Mayfield’ leaflet and boards, visitors and residents of Mayfield can now enjoy guided walks around the historical highlights of Mayfield.